National conventions

Convention with SONATRACH:

Science and Engineering, Management and Management

Until 2016

Implementation of research work of mutual interest in continuing training, graduated and post-graduate, by the University of Jijel for SONATRACH

- Collaboration with foreign partners on joint research.

- The development of exchanges of experience through bilateral meetings.

- Exchange of information and documentation.

Agreement with the EPST/CDER Solar Equipment Development Unit:

Solar energy, Photovoltaics, Photo-thermal

Until 2014

- The promotion of research and the development of university training.

- Organisation of educational visits within the UDES for students of the University of Jijel

- Participation of the UDES in the development of LMD training provision programmes.

- Exchange of information, and scientific equipment wherever possible.

- The provision of scientific equipment for the benefit of the University of Jijel.

- Exchange of information and documentation.

Agreement with the Ministry of Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises and Investment Promotion:

Exploitation of research and technology transfer

- Creation of a Technology and Innovation Support Centre at the University of Jijel

Agreement with the Sanitary Ceramic Company EL-MILIA

Material Science

Signed on 14/10/2014 For a period of five years

- Promote and develop scientific and technical exchange.

- The organization by the University of Jijel of training for the benefit of the staff of the company (PGS).

Agreement with the CRAAG


Signed on 29/10/2014 For a period of 05 years

- Definition of a framework for cooperation and exchange between CRAAG and the University of Jijel, Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences.

- Encourage the development of scientific and technical exchanges. In areas of common interest

Sponsorship Agreement with SONATRACH


Signed on 11/11/2014 active for the purposes of Renewable Scientific Event

- Sponsoring the scientific event: First field school on the MAGHREBIDES

Maison d'Entrepreneuriat

Maison d'Entrepreneuriat

Cellule Assurance Qualité

Cellule Assurance Qualité



Conférence Régionale de l'Est

Cru Est

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