International conventions

Convention with the University of Savoy:

Basic and applied sciences

Until 2017

- Aims to develop and supervise student and teacher exchanges

- Development and achievements of research and teaching programmes

- Exchange of documents and scientific materials

Convention with the Forest Technology Centre of CATALAN:

Natural science

Until 2018

Facilitate the exchange of research students and teachers

- Cooperation for the training of research and technical staff.

- Reciprocal exchange of scientific documents and materials

Convention with the Geneva Order of International Experts



- The establishment of a skills platform

- The relocation of the training of experts in Algeria.

Convention with the Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture Marseille Luminy

Architecture/ civil engineering

Expired, in renewal phase

- Develop research and education in architecture

- Mobility of research teachers and students.

- Possibility of supervising doctoral students in joint studies.

Convention with the University of Paris 13

Expired, in renewal phase

- Cooperation agreement for the coordination of exchanges in education and research

Convention with UHA (Université de Haute Alsace-Mulhouse)

Applied Sciences

Until 2017

- Aims to develop and supervise the exchange of students, research teachers

- Development and implementation of research and training programmes in applied sciences

- Exchange of documents and scientific material

Joint Thesis Convention with the Université Claude Bernard Lyon1

Science and Technology

Renewal phase

- For a Phd student from Jijel University

- Renewable each year during research

Joint thesis agreement with the Université de Sherbrooke in Canada


Until 2015

- For a Phd student from Jijel University

Convention with the University of Strasbourg

Short-term training and further development of administrative and technical staff

In the renewal phase

-Relates exclusively to the training of administrative, technical and library staff

Convention with the University of Evry Val-d'Essonne

Areas of hard science, humanities and administrative management.

Signed on 16/11/2014 For a period of five years

The agreement is intended to facilitate and intensify scientific exchanges, to develop and supervise the mobility of students, researchers and administrative and technical staff

Scientific and Cultural Collaboration Convention with ZARQUA University in Jordan

Signed on 04/11/2014 For a period of five years

- Aims to develop and supervise the exchange of students, teacher-researchers

Research Collaboration Agreement ESTACA Ecole d'Ingénieur

Science and Technology

Signed on 18/11/2014 For five years

- Doctoral thesis supervisor

Maison d'Entrepreneuriat

Maison d'Entrepreneuriat

Cellule Assurance Qualité

Cellule Assurance Qualité



Conférence Régionale de l'Est

Cru Est

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